Urine Screening Policies

The Diamond Intensive Outpatient Programs consider Urine Drug Screening to be a key diagnostic and therapeutic tool that is useful for determining appropriate interventions of behavioral health patients.  Results of these screenings can provide diagnostic information for both the care and monitoring of current patients.  This policy is applicable to specific levels of care - Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and testing as a part of outpatient office-based treatment. Clients should report any substance use to their counselor before a urine sample is submitted so that the substance use can be addressed therapeutically.

According to The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) urine specimens are recommended to be collected under the following circumstances:

  • As part of the intake process to confirm a newly admitted client's substance use history
  • As a routine part of therapy
  • To identify an intoxicated client or confirm abstinence

SAMHSA encourages treatment programs to consider that clients generally need more frequent monitoring during the initial stages of treatment when they are trying to achieve abstinence and routine specimen collection after initial stabilization should take place in conjunction with regular clinic visits.

Random testing can be achieved by:

  • Asking clients to produce specimens only on random days
  • Requiring that all clients provide a specimen on every visit but analyzing only a randomly selected sample

The Diamond Intensive Outpatient Programs utilizes Precision Diagnostics for Urine Drug Screen laboratory testing.  Precision Diagnostics is currently in-network with Tricare, Anthem BCBS, Optima Healthcare, and United Healthcare.  Precision Diagnostics may also be covered out-of-network with other insurance companies.  It is the responsibility of the patient to determine PRIOR to admission to treatment if UDS through Precision Diagnostics will be covered by their insurance company.  Cost of UDS collected on-site at IOP will be billed to patient or patient’s insurance.  If patient’s insurance does not cover Precision Diagnostics, patient will be given 48 hours from time of requested UDS to have a test at another facility (such as LabCorps or a private doctor’s office).  Patients must show the receipt of that test before returning to group.