Diamond IOP at Roanoke
3959 Electric Rd, Suite 212
Roanoke, VA 24018



About the Diamond IOP at Roanoke

The Diamond IOP at Roanoke is a six-week program for people with addiction. Its four-day-a-week structure provides addiction education and counseling components while encouraging clients to apply the recovery skills to their daily lives as productive members of their community. This supportive IOP can serve in a continuum of care following a residential treatment program or as appropriate initial therapy based on criteria set by the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

The IOP runs evenings, from six to nine o’clock, and allows patients to continue working, maintain their current living situation, and improve their relationships, all while receiving services right in their community.


Diamond IOP at Roanoke Counselor


Cynthia Betts, MSW has worked in the Behavioral Health field as an advocate and counselor since 2014. Beginning her career as a legal advocate and counselor for survivors of domestic assault, Cynthia has experience working with a diverse client set. Having previously served as a fellow with VA-LEND, she has extensive training in serving individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities and delays. Cynthia also has worked with adults and families impacted by addiction and varying mental health diagnoses and social issues. Her therapeutic approach is derived from both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Experiential Therapy. Cynthia’s goal is to assist clients in maintaining sobriety for years to come.