Meet the Staff

Tony Dice is a 47-year-old husband and loving father of five. He is a highly motivated and intensely focused clinician that has been a member of the Farley family since 2015. Tony harbors a deep-seated passion for the field of addiction that was shaped by his past professional and personal experiences and well grounded in his service. The road that has led him to this point in his career has been long and enriching.

Tony has served his community as a paramedic, firefighter and U.S. Navy SEAL. After encountering difficulties readjusting to civilian life, Tony turned to substance abuse as a means to cope. This destructive path eventually led to the Farley Center where Tony entered into treatment. Tony could praise the gifted therapists at the Farley Center that have been a part of his journey, but instead he chooses to honor them in a different way. He intends on being the best substance abuse clinician that he can be and to take his place among the talented professionals in the Diamond Health family. He firmly believes that he can best be of service by helping those who have served (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Police and First Responders) navigate the unique challenges and pitfalls associated with early recovery. To this end, Tony has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the Military Intensive Outpatient Program (M-IOP).

Tony has been recognized at both the regional and national levels for his contributions to his profession and his service to the community. He has presented on addiction at national and international conferences, co-authored several articles and presented numerous workshops. He holds degrees in social sciences, human services, counseling education and supervision and is currently a 3rd year doctoral candidate in Old Dominion University’s counselor education program.